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A look at 2018 Cubs season tickets

Baseball at Wrigley Field is just 18 days away.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — Obviously I am still in Arizona and so haven’t received my season tickets for 2018 yet, but Mike Bojanowski got his and was kind enough to send me a scan of some of the designs, which you can see above.

Last year’s tickets were very, very blue. These are almost the reverse, bright white. Mike told me that there aren’t 81 different designs, that about halfway through the set there begin to be some design repeats.

One thing you’ll note in looking at the similar post I did on 2017 season tickets is that last year, the 2016 World Series championship was prominent in every part of the design. There’s no mention of that at all on the 2018 tickets or anything else in the package; Mike said:

Tom Ricketts remarked during the Convention that it was time to put the trophy on the shelf and move on. Seems to be keeping his word. It will be interesting to see whether the “trophy room” is re-established at the Park this year.

The trophy, of course, belongs to the Cubs forever. Hopefully it’ll be on public display somewhere — and perhaps it will get a companion after the 2018 season.

Here’s a larger version of the tickets shown at the top of this post.