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Wrigley Field construction update: Special aerial edition

They’re beginning to install the actual field at the ballpark.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — As we now stand just 13 days away from the Cubs’ home opener April 9 against the Pittsburgh Pirates, I once again have a set of aerial photos from Curtis Waltz to share with you.

These photos were taken Friday, March 23, and show the field getting prepared for the season, with the construction equipment mostly removed and actual sod beginning to be laid down.

You can also see that the seating has almost completely been restored, and you can get a much better idea of where the new dugouts will be. Last year, when the bullpens were moved from the field to underneath the bleachers, I wrote this post showing the difference in the field and wall contours. When I return to Wrigley next month, I’ll take a similar view that will help you see the difference in the dugouts.

I particularly like photo 9, which makes it look like they’re getting ready to plant crops in the outfield. That would be interesting, but likely would make obstacles for the outfielders.

Photo 5 gives you a good look at the new elevator to the upper deck, which will make getting up there much easier.

I also like photo 11, which gives you a great overview of the entire neighborhood, looking out over the lake.

As always, if you like Curtis’ photos, please check out his other galleries at