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Kris Bryant pranks a fantasy baseball draft... as a pizza delivery driver

KB spends part of every spring having some fun.


SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — Two years ago, Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant pranked a Phoenix-area community college team, pretending to be a “hotshot transfer.”

Last year, it was turn-the-tables time on KB, with Hall of Famer Greg Maddux doing the pranking honors.

This year, the folks at Red Bull, who sponsor these events, decided that Kris should prank a fantasy baseball league. Three fantasy baseball leagues were told their drafts were being filmed for a “documentary on fantasy sports.” The reality was that the pizza delivery guy was none other than Kris Bryant, “owner and operator of Kristio’s Pizza & Wings.”

Without giving away all the amazingness of prank 3.0, our favorite character is an unsuspecting, nice guy named Cole, who just happens to be a diehard KB fan who named his newborn son Bryant (you can’t make this stuff up). When Cole takes KB with the fifth pick in the draft, KB coolly walks over to him and hands him a Red Bull Limited Edition Can that features Bryant’s face on the packaging.

“That guy right there?” asks Bryant as he hands Cole the can. “Yeah, thank you,” says Cole.

Poor Cole was so immersed in his fantasy analysis, he didn’t realize the guy handing him the can was Kris Bryant himself.

The limited edition can featuring Kris Bryant is now on shelves across Chicagoland and parts of the Midwest, in time for the start of the 2018 Major League Baseball season. The can also features a Snapchat Snapcode that unlocks a custom augmented reality lens that allows fans to pitch to an animated Kris Bryant.

Here’s some video of how it happened:

I love to see these guys having fun. Of course, this was a promotional opportunity for KB provided by Red Bull, but it still must have been a fun day for him.