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Celebrate Ian Happ’s Opening Day home run with this T-shirt!

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It HAPP-ened!

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Ian Happ’s home run on the very first pitch of the 2018 major league baseball season is worth celebrating. First, have another look at it:

As we learned, this was a rare event in baseball history:

Not only the last time, but Evans and Happ are the only players to accomplish this feat.

To celebrate Ian Happ’s Opening Pitch home run, we have partnered with our friends at Breaking T to make this officially licensed product of the Major League Baseball Players Association, a T-shirt that lets you proudly say: That Just Happ-ened! The shirt features white print on an ultra-soft blue tee with an athletic fit; made from a super-comfortable, vintage-inspired blend of 60 percent combed ringspun cotton and 40 percent polyester jersey.

Here’s the link to order yours. Enjoy the shirt celebrating this accomplishment! Full disclosure, I get a small cut on the sale of every shirt you buy. Thanks in advance.

And, if you still don’t have your Yu Darvish “Fly The Double Yu” T-shirt, here are details on how you can order one of those. The Anthony Rizzo “RESPECT ME” shirts from last year’s postseason are also still available; details also at that link.

Here’s a larger version of the image on the front of the Happ T-shirt: