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Wrigley Field construction update: March 30

Photos from around the ballpark — and Opening Day at the Hotel Zachary.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — Earlier today you saw Sara Sanchez’ review of the Hotel Zachary. BCB’s David Sameshima was also at the hotel Friday, and in addition, he took a walk around the ballpark to see how things are going with construction, with the home opener just nine days away.

Here’s the report he sent me.

I had the opportunity to visit Wrigley after work on Friday afternoon. I was fortunate enough to arrive after they opened up Hotel Zachary.

Before getting to the hotel, I did spot the new signage at Gate D at Addison and Sheffield. I did take some photos of the ballpark, but did not have time to do a complete walk around.

Due to all the retail space on the first floor of Hotel Zachary, the lobby is located on the second floor. When you walk into the hotel entrance, there is only a small space inside. One takes the stairs, or elevator, up to the second floor. The elevator leads directly to the registration desk. I took the stairs, and it leads directly to the bar/restaurant space.

There is an open lobby type area, between the registration desk and the bar. There is a large table in the center, with seats. Along the wall is a large rendering by Wrigley Field architect Zachary Taylor Davis of a proposed Federal League ballpark, which we now know as Wrigley. Below the rendering are bookcases. The books opened above the bookcases were those about Davis, architecture and design.

Next to the bar area, there was a room that I was informed was going to be their breakfast room. There was also a partially walled-off space across from the breakfast room, that might be the most semi private portion of the bar area.

You will see in my photos that there is no dedicated drop off/pick up space, outside the hotel. Cars were simply pulling up to the curb on Clark Street. There is no space along the Patterson Street side. Big Star Taco is occupying that side of the building. They also have a built in sidewalk level patio space there. None of the first floor businesses are open yet. The parking garage did not appear to be open either. In fact a delivery truck was waiting, blocking the garage entrance.

The traffic signal has been installed at Clark and Waveland. The lights were set to flashing red. I noticed quite a few confused motorists, surprised by the lights and not knowing exactly how to react.

Nine days to go! We’ll have more photos here as we get closer to the home opener, scheduled for a week from Monday.