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Wrigley Field construction update: March 3

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The ballpark and neighborhood are starting to take shape for the season.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — It’s been a couple of weeks since the last update here, and I have lots of photos to show you.

The set at the top of this post was taken by David Sameshima on Saturday, March 3. Here’s the report he filed on those photos:

It was bright and sunny during my visit on 3/03/2018. This was actually a problem for me, since I could not see certain things because I was looking into the sun. I blindly took photos at Gate K and the Sheffield Grill/Decade Diner. I did not see what I was looking at until I got home to view the images.

I took a good look at the new Z signage on the Addison Street side of Hotel Zachary. The new signage is up at the main entrance. There was one person at the ticket window, during my visit. Hiring notices were up in front of the new McDonalds. A good sign for Hotel Zachary is that they were beginning to clean the exterior just as I was leaving.

The opening date for the Hotel Zachary is still scheduled on or about Opening Day, which is five weeks from today.

Mike Bojanowski was also at Wrigley on Saturday, and took this photoset:

Here are Mike’s comments on Saturday’s activity around the ballpark.

These were taken Saturday afternoon, March 3, a sunny, almost springlike day. Construction activity was busy as usual.

The biggest changes concern the Hotel Zachary. Almost all the shrouds and barriers are down, the west side of Clark Street is now open to pedestrian traffic. The Zachary is now almost ready for its closeups.

The Wheelhouse Hotel, at Clark and Cornelia, is apparently about to open without the expansion to the south, the entry marquee was being installed this day.

Wrigley itself is nearing completion of this offseason’s work. The ice rink is about to be dismantled. Some of the sidewalk barriers are down, the ticket office at Waveland & Sheffield is in operation. The next two weeks should see most of the results visible, as the field will need to be cleared to give the groundcrew their start.

Many thanks for all attention.

David also sent me a small set of photos taken Saturday, February 24, along with the following comments:

It was raining during the visit on February 24. I did see that signage had gone up for the new McDonald’s location in the Hotel Zachary. Some of the construction fences were removed,to allow access to the bleacher ticket windows in preparation for the ticket windows opening on February 26. The main entrance to Hotel Zachary was uncovered. I didn’t notice this until I got home, but a large Z sign was now on the Addison Street side of Hotel Zachary. I took one last photo of the ice rink, as it was closing the next day.

Here are the February 24 photos:

And, here’s what the ballpark looked like from the air on Saturday, March 3:

Five weeks from today, baseball! Cubs vs. Pirates, and the first daytime home opener since 2014.