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Kris Bryant helps refresh a Chicago institution

The new KB’s Cage will keep the Sluggers Sports Bar batting cage alive

Sometimes, when players get big endorsements, we end up with silly commercials, or a non-stop barrage of Tweets about how much they love their _______ sneakers or vitamin waters.

In the case of Kris Bryant teaming up with Red Bull, they’ve done something a lot more interesting. Red Bull, who also has an arrangement in place with Sluggers Sports Bar in Wrigleyville, have refurbished the indoor batting cages at the watering hole after 32 years of use.

Sluggers remains the only place in Wrigleyville with an indoor batting cage, it just has a new polished look and a new name (as well as a new challenge for those willing to step to the plate). The cage has been renamed “KB’s Cage” and for those who try it out, they will be given 10 targets to hit on only 10 pitches. Highest score wins.

Bryant, who helped inaugurate the cage on Wednesday, said, “The batting cage is a special place for me, going back to when I was five years old. I’m humbled to think Sluggers has a ‘KB Cage’ experience fans can enjoy for years to come in Wrigleyville.”

Stephen Green

He went on to go 3-for-5 against the Pirates that night with 2 RBI, so there might just be a little luck in that cage.

Check out the new look of KB’s Cage, and if you’re in Wrigleyville before or after a game, go see it in person. It’s nice to see an endorsement deal spawning something that’s really engaging for fans, and keeps a 30-plus-year-old Chicago sports bar feature fresh and exciting for years to come.

Stephen Green

The “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign is also a fun homage to Bryant’s hometown.