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Cubs, Braves postponed, makeup date May 14

At last, they did the right thing.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday’s Cubs/Braves game was played in perhaps the worst conditions ever at Wrigley Field, or perhaps anywhere, with high winds, constant drizzle and cold temperatures.

Really, they could have postponed Sunday’s game right after Saturday’s ended, because the Sunday forecast wasn’t much better.

At last, at 10:30 a.m. CT, it happened:

The Cubs will be completing a six-game homestand against the Marlins and White Sox before that date. The Braves are coming off a six-game road trip to Tampa Bay and Miami. Both teams play Sunday afternoon, May 13, and the Braves will be in a dome in Miami, so they won’t have any trouble getting to Chicago in time for that 1:20 start on May 14.

Oddly, this comes up right before the Cubs’ only trip to Atlanta this year on May 15-16-17. So in effect, this will become a four-game series between the Cubs and Braves, played in two different cities.

Thank you, Cubs, for doing the right thing.

With no game today, please enjoy Sara Sanchez’ look back at the amazing eighth inning from Saturday’s game.