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Cubs, Cardinals postponed, makeup date Thursday

This is the worst April weather I have ever seen.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

And now you know what it would be like if the Cubs had a homestand in early or mid December.

Nine scheduled games. Four postponements, including Wednesday afternoon:

Two of the four postponements will have been made up by the time the team leaves town after Wednesday’s game is made up Thursday, that one, and the home opener, which was played the next day.

This April weather is truly unprecedented. According to Tom Skilling’s weather blog at the Tribune, this month’s average temperature ranks as the second-coldest ever to date in April, and no one alive remembers the previous time, in 1881. That average will probably get a bit better next week, as a pattern change makes it a bit warmer in the Midwest.

That should help by the time the Cubs return home a week from Thursday to begin a series against the Brewers. In the meantime, stay warm! The Cubs surely made the right call by postponing this game early in the morning, before people started heading to the ballpark.

Wednesday’s scheduled starting pitchers, Jon Lester and Luke Weaver, will likely go in Thursday’s game. We’ll have lots more here at BCB all day today, so stick around!