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FanPost Friday: Go back in time and change one Cubs moment

You’ve got a chance to rewrite history.

MLB: Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

I watch a lot of Doctor Who.

Hold on, come back, I promise this will be related to baseball.

I watch a lot of Doctor Who, and one of the things I always find quite compelling is that no matter how often The Doctor and his Companion du jour mess with something in the past, things generally seem to turn out all right in the long run.

With this theory in mind, let’s imagine that if we were to go back in time and tweak something for the Cubs, it would not undo the spectacular conclusion to the 2016 baseball season. Now that you can breathe easier, let’s focus on this week’s challenge.

The Cubs have an incredibly long and storied history, and without even thinking hard I could imagine any number of stand-out moments that fans might want to change. A certain goat comes to mind. Or a poor misguided fellow catching a ball at the absolute wrong time (I won’t name drop him, it seems unfair at this point). The point being, with well over a hundred seasons under their belts, there are more than enough bad moments to go around.

Some bad moments feel bigger than others. Whether it’s a highly anticipated trade where the return just didn’t pan out, or a player who injured himself right when the team needed him the most, little things like that can change the course of a season. Those moments can be smaller still. A ball that just missed being a home run, or a catch made by the opposing team that cut off a rally when the Cubs were on the verge of greatness.

In this week’s FanPost Friday we want you to sift through all your Cubs memories and ask yourself: what moment would I change, given the chance? And what would you do differently? Head over to the FanPost section and select “New FanPost” on the left, then, like The Doctor, have a little fun with history.