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The Cubs have some cool promo items in the upcoming homestand

If it’s cold, they can help you keep warm!

Al Yellon

The Cubs begin a seven-game homestand Thursday night against the Brewers and they were kind enough to send me samples of three of the promo items that will be given away during the homestand.

At the top of this post you see what they are calling the “Beamie,” sponsored by Jim Beam. Clearly, this would have been quite useful during the first Cubs homestand, where it was quite cold. But it might still be chilly at times this week, so it could still come in handy, This knit cap will be given to “up to” the first 10,000 early arriving fans Sunday, April 29.

Saturday, April 28, this is the giveaway:

Al Yellon

This is the “Dancing Bullpen Beverage Tumbler.” You can’t tell in this still image, but on the outside of the tumbler, if you move it around, the relievers “dance” (the images move). Kinda cool. This will be given to “up to” the first 10,000 early arriving fans Saturday, April 28,

Here’s the giveaway for Friday, April 27:

Al Yellon

This fleece blanket is 50 inches by 60 inches, a pretty good size, and it’s attractive, too. Might wind up being used by me not only to keep warm, but perhaps next spring on the lawn at Sloan Park. This one goes to “up to” the first 10,000 early arriving fans on Friday.

So — come to Wrigley Field not only to see the Cubs beat the Brewers, but to get some free swag.

Many thanks to Alyson Cohen of the Cubs for sending me these promo items,