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Cubs, Reds rained out in Cincinnati

This could have been predicted.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

I got back to Chicago late this afternoon, sat down to watch Tuesday night’s game, and a while later was greeted with this news, which I expected all day:

Look, I get why they try to get these games in as scheduled. The Reds already had to postpone their Opening Day game this year and play it the next day. Making up games is never fun, especially when the teams have to play a split doubleheader — and in this case, they will then have to play an afternoon game May 20, which means three games in about 30 hours, and a four-game series in about 70 hours. Yikes.

But storms were forecast all day and evening. This was known for a couple of days. The entire area was placed under a tornado watch early in the afternoon. The Reds likely didn’t have a huge crowd expected for this one, even with a lot of Cubs fans in the park. Monday’s game drew just 18,963 and it probably would have been smaller tonight.

At some point, though, I think teams have to stop waiting for the proverbial “window” and take into account possible severe weather, and just call these things off before they even open the stadium.

Jon Lester was supposed to start this game. I can’t imagine the Cubs pushing back the rotation and have him start against the Brewers. More likely: he’ll throw a bullpen session sometime Wednesday at Wrigley Field (they do have an indoor cage where he can do this) so he stays on track for his next start, scheduled for the home opener next Monday at Wrigley against the Pirates.

We’ll have plenty here tomorrow on the Cubs’ scheduled off day, including more previews of the Cubs minor league teams, so stick around!