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Wrigley Field construction update: April 4

Five days to Opening Day!

Having returned to Chicago Tuesday, I got my first look at Wrigley Field and the surrounding area Wednesday afternoon.

It was cold. And windy. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to get much warmer by Opening Day, next Monday. Nevertheless, there was a great deal of activity around the ballpark. Beyond construction workers doing various tasks, there were quite a number of delivery trucks and other large vehicles doing... well, what those kinds of vehicles do. Busy place, the ballyard.

We now have an answer as to what one of the buildings that was constructed outside the gate formerly known as “K/J,” now known as the Left Field Gate, is. It’s a ticket booth (photo 4), and a media credential pickup spot (photo 5). The other building appears to be strictly for utility use.

They’re still finishing up the area around the right-field corner. That’s one area that seems very unfinished for a place that’s going to be open for business in five days, so they’ll have a lot to do over the weekend.

The terra cotta work that we saw on the west (left-field) side of the park last year now extends toward the south (right-field) side. It’s supposed to evoke the look of the 1930s:

In that, I think they have succeeded. The place looks great.

I had a look around the Hotel Zachary, and since Sara Sanchez already posted this terrific review of the place last week, I won’t go into an extended monologue on it. It’s just as impressive as Sara noted in her review, and I can imagine the bar areas will be a popular pre- and post-game haunt for Cubs fans. So will the various restaurants/bars in the hotel. For those of you who thought the “graffiti tags” on the outer brick wall looked bad, there was a purpose for that, shown in photo 22.

Lastly, I want to assure you I was not driving when I took photo 28. The new traffic signal at Clark & Waveland had just turned green when I snapped that one. I put my phone down before I started driving.

Five days to go until baseball at Wrigley Field!