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Wrigley Field construction/home opener update: April 7

The ballpark is being readied for its first 2018 game!

It has been, as of today, 170 days since baseball was last played at Wrigley Field, Game 5 of the 2017 NLCS (a game most of us would like to forget, I’m sure).

That’s just a little more than 24 weeks ago, and once again, Wrigley Field turned from a ballpark to a construction site and back in less than half a year’s time, a real credit to all the construction crews who worked hard on making offseason improvements. As Cubs spokesman Julian Green told reporters Friday, the construction crews turned the park over to the grounds crew on March 19, so that’s just 20 days to get the field in baseball shape, a credit to that crew as well.

Now we stand just one day from baseball at Wrigley Field. BCB’s David Sameshima was in the area Saturday afternoon. The photos show bright sunshine and it sure looks like baseball-playing weather, but as you know if you were out and about Saturday, it was a chilly, windy afternoon with temperatures not getting out of the 30s.

It won’t be much warmer than that Monday when the Cubs take on the Pittsburgh Pirates in the home opener. But as you can see in the photos above, the ballpark’s looking really good and ready to welcome players and fans for another season of baseball at the corner of Clark & Addison.

Can’t wait!