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Cubs, Braves postponed, makeup date August 30

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It rains in the area around SunTrust Park. A lot.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Cubs and Braves avoided rain delays and/or postponements for the first two games of their series in Atlanta, but Thursday night’s game didn’t have the same luck:

The teams have no common off days remaining that wouldn’t break the 20-consecutive-day rule, except September 13. The problem with that: it’s in the middle of a Cubs homestand, and unlikely that they’d agree to fly to Atlanta for one game in that circumstance.

I haven’t checked the teams’ schedules for this, but they could try an unusual way of making up this game, and that would be to have the Cubs go to Atlanta on a day when they’re off, but the Braves aren’t, and thus the Braves would play a split doubleheader against two different teams.

This has been done before, on rare occasions when circumstances are similar to this: no more games between the two teams and no reasonable common off days. The last time this was done was September 25, 2000, between the Indians and White Sox. The teams had been postponed on September 10 in Cleveland and there were no common off days remaining, so the White Sox returned to Cleveland September 25 for an afternoon game. The Indians then played a night game against the Twins. That was one of three doubleheaders the Tribe played in a six-day span, as you can see here.

If they’d have scheduled an afternoon game on getaway day Thursday, this wouldn’t have happened. This was the odd explanation the Cubs got for that:

Like many things connected with this oddly-located stadium, that sounds weird. And here’s more about why it rains so much at SunTrust Park:

Anyway, the Cubs head on to Cincinnati to begin a four-game series with the Reds Friday night. They actually could be helped out pitching-wise by this postponement, as Jon Lester should go Friday and, with two off days next week, Kyle Hendricks and Jose Quintana could start the doubleheader games Saturday and Yu Darvish go on his regular rest Sunday.

As always, we await developments.

UPDATES! A makeup date has been announced:

That date follows a Cubs homestand and is just before the longest road trip of the year, 10 games to Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Washington.

And, the rotation will be as noted above for the weekend in Cincinnati: