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MLB: Anthony Rizzo guilty of interference on slide

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A ruling was made by baseball officials Tuesday.

Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

It appears that Pirates manager Clint Hurdle might have been correct regarding his view of Anthony Rizzo’s slide in Monday’s game:

An official review of Anthony Rizzo’s controversial slide Monday indicated that interference should have been called.

A baseball source confirmed the decision, which was relayed to the Cubs and Pirates, who were angered after a replay review confirmed the on-field decision that led to two runs in the eighth inning of the Cubs’ 7-0 win over the Pirates.

As noted, review officials said the call made on the field by the umpires was correct. But MLB has likely made this ruling so that slides like this won’t happen again. Of course, no one wants to see players injured by contact on the field.

In the end, I think the rules committee is going to have to clarify these rules going forward so that fielders (especially catchers) and baserunners can be properly trained in how to avoid any of these issues.

Hopefully, this puts to rest any thought of retaliation that might occur in tonight’s game.