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FanPost Friday: How would you “fix” baseball?

Play commissioner and make the game better.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball is perfect just the way it is.

This is something that we say every time a new rule is introduced, or something is changed. Commissioner of baseball, Rob Manfred, has come under fire in the last couple of seasons for making proposals that seem to suggest he might have never seen a baseball game in his life.

We must bear in mind, of course, some of the changes made by his predecessor Bud Selig made, were also unpopular at the time, but now it would feel strange to not have a second Wild Card team.

Now, I still wish we’d go back to throwing pitches for intentional walks, but I’m old school that way. I have no need to see a runner put on second base after the tenth inning. Sure, extra innings can drag, but that’s the game we love. You make it through those long hauls so you can celebrate the incredible walk-off at the end (hopefully).

We want you to play commissioner this week. If you could propose changes to “improve” baseball, what would they be? Ban the DH across baseball? Make the DH mandatory? Make players have to perform an in-game Home Run Derby to determine the winner after thirteen innings?

You tell us!

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