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Cubs song parody: ‘Javy Be Good’

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BCB’s Danny Rockett wrote new lyrics to an old classic for Javier Baez.

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St Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Next Thursday, May 10, Javier Baez will be appearing at Club 400 to raise money for United For Puerto Rico and hurricane relief efforts. I’ll be performing a few of my Cubs songs at the event and felt compelled to celebrate the most exciting player in baseball fittingly known as “El Mago” in song.

This song parody and music video of Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” was produced with the highlight editing skills of Corey Freedman of Cubs Insider and the Cubs Related podcast, and we hope you enjoy listening to a tune which helped invent rock and roll while watching Javier Baez reinvent the way baseball is played.

The Javy event at Club 400 is sold out, but tickets are still available to meet Kyle Schwarber on July 1 to benefit Neighborhood Heroes.

Every Cubs fan should make a pilgrimage to Club 400. It’s a Cubs baseball museum in Stewart McVicar’s basement, and a great party!

Without further adieu, here’s “Javy Be Good!”

Javy Be Good

Way down in Puerto Rico close to Bayamon
Was born a baby who could hit the the baseball long
Tag you without looking then he’ll swing the wood
He’s making all the plays cause Javy be good

When Javy runs the bases he’s givin’ ‘em hell
The pitchers hate to face him cause they’re gonna get shelled

Go go
Go Javy go!

Go Javy go!

Go Javy go!

Go Javy go!
Javy be good.

Javy’ll it hit far with his wooden bat
Double down the line triple in the gap
He flips it from his mitt and turns the double play
3 and 0 he homers when he swings away
Sliding into second he’s got 20 ways
To slide around the tag and get in safe


Everybody loves him, he’s got lots of fans
They’re screaming Javy Javy from the Wrigley stands
Done a lotta winning since he came to town
If you hit it to Javy you are gonna be out
Get yourself tagged when you try and slide
Javy don’t even use his eyes