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Chicago Cubs vs. Miami Marlins preview, Tuesday 5/8, 7:05 CT

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The Cubs go for two in a row over the Marlins.

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This Cubs season is turning out a bit odd, numbers-wise.

The Cubs are at +33 in run differential — that’s good! They are thus underperforming their Pythagorean record, they should be 19-13 with that mark.

As you might guess, a fair amount of that differential is because of games like Monday night’s. The Cubs have scored 10+ runs in five of their 17 wins. That’s a lot. The run differential in those five wins is +46, thus they are -13 in the other 27 games, with a record of 12-15 in those games. That’s actually exactly on the Pythagorean calculation for those other 27 games, in which the Cubs have scored 84 runs and allowed 97.

The Cubs still rank second overall in runs per game in the N.L. at 5.03. They’re fifth-best in the N.L. in runs allowed at 4.00. Keep up the first and that’s another 800+ run season. The latter is going to have to improve.

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Here are today’s particulars.

Cubs lineup:

Marlins lineup:

Jen-Ho Tseng, RHP vs. Jose Urena, RHP

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jen-Ho Tseng made two appearances for the Cubs last year. One was good, the other not so much. His three outings in spring training this year weren’t impressive (4⅔ innings, 5.79 ERA), and this year at Iowa he’s been just plain bad in all six starts: 8.04 ERA, 1.851 WHIP, six home runs allowed in 31⅓ innings.

Tseng has talent, he had a good year in 2017 split between Tennessee and Iowa, and he can succeed at the big-league level if he keeps the ball down. His skillset is similar to Kyle Hendricks — not saying he’s as good as Hendricks, only that he can get outs in similar fashion. Hope that happens tonight.

The Cubs faced Jose Urena Opening Day in Miami. He hit two batters, and they also hit two homers off him (Ian Happ, Anthony Rizzo). Urena has talent and his last two starts have been good (two runs in 14 innings) against a couple of good-hitting teams (Rockies, Phillies). So don’t expect this one to be as easy as the other one.

Over the course of his career Urena has pitched worse on the road (5.53 ERA, 149⅔ innings) than at home (4.03 ERA, 205⅓ innings), so there’s that. He’s made just one road start this year and got hit pretty hard (at Milwaukee).

Today’s game is on NBC Sports Chicago.

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