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The Cubs’ wives charity softball game was a huge success

They might have lost, but they raised money for a great cause.

Courtesy Chicago Cubs

The Cubs and Brewers played two games on Tuesday, even though the official schedule only listed one. Ahead of the official MLB-sanctioned night game, the Cubs’ wives and girlfriends played a charity softball match against the wives and girlfriends of the Brewers players.

The Cubs team — who all sported the classic high socks, nice choice — were raising money for Cubs Charities, and the game raked in over $8,000 (final totals are pending how much was raised on raffle prizes). The funds will be divided between the Brewers and Cubs Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) programs. Find out more about RBI here.

While the Brewers’ wives were the ones to claim victory in a 10-3 outing, it seemed like everyone had a blast getting together and participating in a friendly rivalry match-up for a good cause.

The Cubs came out to cheer on their significant others, and everyone wore shirts that showed off who they were cheering for, like Anthony Rizzo sporting fiancee Emily’s face on a custom tee.

One member of the Cubs crew who is no stranger to wives and girlfriends games is Joe Maddon’s wife Jaye. Back when Maddon managed the Tampa Bay Rays, Jaye would participate in those matches as well (which are ongoing even now: the Rays wives played against the Twins wives earlier this spring).

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time, and raised money for a good cause.