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Cubs, Dodgers postponed; split doubleheader Tuesday

It rained, and then the lights went out.

Al Yellon

In the end, the postponement of Monday’s Cubs/Dodgers game probably could have been handled better.

I mean, I understood why they tried to wait out a pretty good rainstorm which finally hit Wrigley Field about 8 p.m., around an hour after game time. Had they started on time — and it wasn’t raining then — they would have had to interrupt the game in the third inning or so, meaning both teams would have lost their starting pitchers.

It rained hard for 20 minutes or so, then more lightly, the grounds crew prepared the field... but lights went out on the right-field side, as shown above, and despite several attempts to get them working, the field could not be fully lighted:

That’s all well and good, and I’m well aware that this is the only visit by the Dodgers to Wrigley this year and common off days for a makeup don’t really exist.

But they could have called this off earlier than 9:50, and this tweet sums things up well:

I agree with this completely. Even after I saw tweets from the beat writers confirming that the game was postponed, no announcement was made over the P.A. system for several minutes.

So they’ll play a pair Tuesday, with the following pitching:

This will create a bit of a crunch for the Cubs later in the week, as Chatwood’s next regular turn would come up Saturday against the Reds; perhaps that will become a bullpen game.

In any case, a pair Tuesday, the preview for Game 1 posts at 10 a.m. CT.