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New Cubs song: Vote Almora!

BCB’s Danny Rockett sings a “That’s Amore” parody to get out the All-Star vote for Albert Almora!

Vote for me!
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Who leads the Cubs in batting average and is third in the National League? Albert Almora Jr.! Who saves the game with spectacular catches? Almora! Who won the game with a walkoff single Tuesday night against the Dodgers? Almora! And who should Cubs fans write in on their All-Star ballot to represent Chicago in Washington DC’s Mid Summer Classic in July? Almora!

If you’re not yet convinced, listen to this “That’s Amore” parody that accompanies an Almora highlight reel put together by Cubs Related and Cubs Insider’s Corey Freedman.

You can vote five times a day until July 5! Get out the vote and write in Albert Almora!

When you’re voting for the All-Star Game
You should write in Almora’s name

When voting for outfield in the National League
Vote Almora

Albert’s bat’s doing fine, his defense is divine
Vote Almora

Write him in, the NL will win, the NL will win
Though winning doesn’t matter

Joe should play Albert every day, maybe make a trade
Though I’d sure miss the Happer

Ben Zobrist would be great, but old guys need a break
Vote Almora

Cause he’s hitting lefties and and he gives you the D
With his glove

When you’re all star voting tell Albert that I am voting for ya
Then we’ll see the Cubbies in Washington, D.C.
With Almora!
Almora, Vote Almora!