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Cubs roster moves: Kris Bryant to DL, bullpen shakeup

Two relievers have been added, and KB will have a few more days off.

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Kris Bryant has missed the Cubs’ last four games with shoulder trouble that’s been affecting his hitting.

Rather than try to wait it out another day or two, the Cubs are giving KB a few more days off:

And so, it’s more roster moves than just Bryant. Duane Underwood Jr.’s return to Triple-A Iowa was expected, as he was up just to make the one start. Justin Hancock heading to the disabled list is a bit of a surprise, as he threw an effective third of an inning Monday night. But maybe this is also a way of being able to rotate other pitchers through the Iowa Shuttle.

Thus, here are the three replacements:

Luke Farrell, who started Saturday’s game and was sent to Iowa Sunday, can return because in the case of injury (to Hancock), the 10-days-in-the-minors rule is not in effect. Dillon Maples, who made several appearances for the Cubs last September, replaces Underwood.

And in case you’re wondering:

As always, we await developments. Hopefully, the DL stint will get Bryant rested and ready to go soon. His DL stint is retroactive to June 23.