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Tigers fire pitching coach Chris Bosio

The former Cubs coach is out of work again.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Cubs let pitching coach Chris Bosio (as well as several other coaches) go after the 2017 season.

He was hired in late October by the Detroit Tigers in the same capacity.

Wednesday, less than halfway through the 2018 season, the Tigers fired Bosio:

That’s kind of an out of the blue statement. Here’s a bit more, from the Tigers beat writer:

According to this WXYZ article:

Bosio used racially charged language towards a team employee, WXYZ has learned.

Bosio spent six years as Cubs pitching coach, from 2012-17, and was widely believed to have helped out several Cubs pitchers, including Jake Arrieta. As the statement from the Tigers says, they are making no further comment, so anything that comes out on this topic will have to come from other sources, or from Bosio himself.

Since Chris Bosio was a fairly large part of the Cubs organization for several seasons, I thought you’d all like to know this happened. The Tigers have not yet named a replacement, according to the Detroit News.