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FanPost Friday: Make the perfect Chicago Cubs team

This one could be tough

Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

The Cubs are one of those lucky teams with a rich history that includes some unbelievably talented players donning the red, white, and blue uniform over the decades. With the recent MLB amateur draft, we might have witnessed the signing of some future Hall of Fame candidates, which is as good a time as any to reflect on the stars of the past.

With the FanPost prompt this week, we want you to build your own perfect Chicago Cubs team.

Some basic rules first: the player you pick must have spent a full season with the Cubs (no mid-season rentals). For pitching you can only choose one each for starting pitcher, reliever, and closer (making it one of the most difficult categories on the list), and with all the players, if you’d like to add an element of challenge, you can tell us which year you’re selecting that player from (ie: 1958 Ernie Banks vs 1971 Banks)

Simply copy and paste the list below into a New FanPost on the FanPosts page and then take it from there. It’s all up to you what criteria you make your selections on. Maybe you just really liked a specific second baseman. He doesn’t have to have been the best, just the best to you.


Good luck!