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Javier Baez will lead off the All-Star Game

The Cubs second baseman gets an honor.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Cubs second baseman Javier Baez was elected to start the 2018 All-Star Game (along with his teammate Willson Contreras).

Now, National League manager Dave Roberts has given Baez an honor:

Javy will not only lead off for the N.L., he’ll be the first batter of the game. Despite the fact that this game is being played in a National League park, the American League is the “home” team. The leagues are now alternating being the “home” team, since the game is no longer alternated between leagues.

Javy can certainly get things started for the N.L. if he can get on base to lead off the game.

Contreras will bat ninth. Here’s the American League lineup:

That’s a pretty powerful A.L. lineup. All of the top seven hitters have an OPS of .865 or higher (Jose Altuve) and all of the top five have an OPS of 1.029 or better.

We’ll have much more coverage of All-Star festivities here including Home Run Derby coverage later this afternoon.