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Cubs parody song: ‘Cole Hamels’

BCB’s Danny Rockett wrote a “Havana” parody song welcoming Cole Hamels to the Cubs!

Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

After Thursday’s dramatic walk-off win, the Cubs capped off the day by obtaining the contract of the only Cubs player I’ve ever seen throw a no-hitter. Cole Hamels! So I welcome Cole the only way I know how, with a parody of Camilla Cabello’s hit “Havana.” (lyrics printed below the video)

Cole Hamels ooh na-na
Cubs starting pitching is in shambles

So Theo went and took a gamble

A 92 mile per hour fastball
He just sat at home last fall

Cole Hamels ooh na-na

Theo needed help for the Cubs rotation
(He went and made a move)

Gave Texas relief for his compensation
(And minor leaguers too)

There’s no guarantee we’ll get back Darvish
(The Cubs can’t count on Yu)

And Chatwood’s control has been hot garbage
He never throws a strike

Ooo-ooh-ooh, No hit us with the Phillies
Now he’s pitching to Willy
Almost 35

Ooo-ooh-ooh, His slider’s pretty filthy
Now he’s a Cub! oh na-na-na-na-na

Cole Hamels ooh na-na
Gives batters more than they can handle

Just 1 M not like Jason Hammel ooh-na-na

The Rangers reasons were financial
To St. Louis he’ll travel
Cole Hamels ooh na-na