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Cubs roster move: Cole Hamels activated, Cory Mazzoni to Iowa

Welcome to the Cubs, Cole.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Cole Hamels won’t make his first start for the Cubs until Wednesday in Pittsburgh, but he is officially a member of the team as of now:

On the first note, Cory Mazzoni threw a scoreless inning Saturday and so likely wasn’t going to pitch in Sunday’s game.

Regarding Hamels’ uniform number, he has worn No. 35 for his entire major-league career. No. 35 has been worn by bullpen coach Lester Strode since 2007. Since Strode doesn’t usually appear on the field, and since when he does he’s usually wearing a pullover and not a jersey (and because they don’t really sell any STRODE 35 replica jerseys), Strode has given up the number, for now. When Hamels moves on, I suspect Strode takes it back.

According to the list of team coaches, Strode is now wearing No. 00, which has never before been worn by any Cub, player or coach.

The last player to wear No. 35 before now was Randall Simon in 2003.