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FanPost Friday: How would you convert a non-Cubs fan?

For us, it’s easy to love this team, but how would you convince someone else...

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Chicago Cubs Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Look, between all of us here, we already know what there is to love about the Cubs. There’s the iconic history of the team, the incredible stadium in the heart of Chicago, the end of a hundred-plus year curse, and some of the most engaging young players in the game today.

I’m sure most of you look at this topic and think “Why wouldn’t you be a Cubs fan?” Indeed!

But there are those out there who are resistant, either to the Cubs, or perhaps to baseball in general. Perhaps they’re your friends or loved ones, or that one guy at work who seems hell-bent on insisting he’s a Miami Marlins fan for some reason. Some people don’t like the Cubs simply because of the media frenzy surrounding their 2016 World Series victory. Others resist because “Go Cubs Go” is too catchy and they don’t want it stuck in their head for six weeks straight (oh no, I mentioned it, now it’s there...)

The challenge I put forth to you intrepid FanPost authors this week is: how would you convince a non-Cubs fan to love the team?

Would you share a personal experience? Tell them about the rich history of Cubs’ teams of the past? Or would you rather just explain to them that Javier Baez treats the field like a swimming pool and has zero regard for the general laws of physics?

However you’d do it, we want you to tell us.

Head over to the FanPosts section, select “New FanPost” on the left, then give us your best sales pitch.