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Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers preview, Tuesday 8/14, 1:20 CT

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The Cubs turn their attention to their closest divisional competitor.

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But before we give our attention to the Brewers, let’s look back once more to David Bote’s ultimate grand slam. From Phil Rosenthal in the Tribune, here are transcripts of Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer’s radio calls on the Score and from Nationals radio voice Charlie Slowes.

Pat & Ron:

Hughes: ”Madson has made 20 pitches. He has hit two batters and given up an infield single. Two and two on David Bote, trying to come through, and the pitch on the way. Bote drives one in the air. Deep center field. Back goes (Michael) Taylor. It’s got a chance! It’s a grand slam! A grand slam for David Bote! And the Cubs have won the ballgame! Can you believe it?”

Coomer: “Wow. As soon as he hit it, he knew it was gone. He started pointing in the air. Cubs win on a grand slam. Ho, ho, ho, ho, wow.”

Hughes: “David Bote with a grand slam. The Cubs beat the Nationals. An incredible rally. What a finish. Just to the left of dead center. It looked like a low pitch, down toward the knees. He got all of it. Cubs win! Listen to this place.”

Coomer: ”We asked for an eruption. We got it! Four-hundred-fifty-foot home run to straight-away center off the bat of Bote on a 2-2 pitch! My God! What a bomb!”

Hughes: ”More ninth-inning magic at Wrigley Field. Most teams, Ron, would be thrilled to have one night like this a year. This is now three incredible victories.”


“Madson sets,” Slowes said. “He kicks. He delivers, and a swing and a fly ball to deep center. Taylor’s going back, way back at the wall. It is gone, goodbye. It’s a walk-off, pinch-hit, grand slam, and the Cubs have won the game and the series. And this is about as demoralizing a finish to a game that I have ever seen for the Nationals.

”Simply unbelievable. And exactly as you said, Dave (Jageler), because he couldn’t throw his changeup, he became a one-pitch pitcher and the one pitch just went out of the park with the bases loaded after an infield dribbler, two hit batters, a grand slam for the rookie David Bote.

”On a night when Max Scherzer was simply brilliant and he deserved to win, the Nationals bullpen — minus Sean Doolittle, minus Kelvin Herrera — could not put this game away. Simply unbelievable. Final score, the Cubs, who had nothing on the board until that pitch, Chicago 4, Washington 3.”

Here are today’s particulars.

Cubs lineup:

David Bote, not in the lineup today. You can be pretty sure he'll get a pinch hitting opportunity if the situation calls for it.

Brewers lineup:

Jose Quintana, LHP vs. Jhoulys Chacin, RHP

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Quintana = maddening. (Not “Maddoning.”)

He’ll put up a couple of really good starts in a row and then have a clunker like the one he had against a bad Royals team last week.

But relief is in sight for Jose, because this afternoon he is facing the Milwaukee Brewers, a team he has dominated. Against Milwaukee this year: three starts, 0.95 ERA, 0.737 WHIP. And this isn’t just a 2018 thing, either. Last year: two starts, 1.20 ERA, 0.733 WHIP, including this magnificent three-hit shutout last September 24 at Miller Park.

This dominance even goes back to Q’s time with the White Sox. For seven career starts vs. the Brewers: 0.92 ERA, 0.735 WHIP, 46 strikeouts in 49 innings.

Hopefully, that continues today. Presuming that it does, you can be sure the Cubs will arrange the rotation so that Q faces the Brewers in each of the two remaining series after this one for a total of six starts against Milwaukee in 2018.

Jhoulys Chacin has one start against the Cubs this year, June 13 at Miller Park, in which he threw six shutout innings, allowing just four hits and three walks.

Over his last nine starts, though, despite a couple of good efforts, he has a 5.19 ERA and 1.172 WHIP, with eight home runs allowed in 50⅓ innings. Current Cubs are hitting .283 (17-for-60) against him with three home runs, two of those by Anthony Rizzo.

Today’s game is on NBC Sports Chicago. It’s also on MLB Network (outside the Chicago and Milwaukee markets).

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