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FanPost Friday: Share your Little League memories

Oh, to be young again.

Little League World Series-US Championship Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Little League: two words that will either spark deeply buried anxiety back to life, or fill you with nostalgic joy. Or, perhaps, if you’re a parent it will make you reach for your wallet instinctively to see if the local rec center just robbed you.

For me, I have plenty of fond memories of my Little League days, though I was a terrible player. The great thing about playing baseball at a young age like that is that it’s all just for the fun of it. You run (badly), you catch (badly), and you throw (really, really badly). You win some, you lose some. You learn how to work with a team, and to celebrate victory together, but deal with defeat as a unit as well. It’s wonderful.

It’s also where almost all of our current favorite players got their start.

While most of us did not grow up to become Kris Bryant and win a World Series, the current Little League World Series has me thinking about my own glory days as a player, and on that note our theme this week is “What are your best Little League memories?”

They can be funny, heartwarming, or just plain embarrassing, but we want to hear about them.

Head over to the FanPost section and select “New FanPost” on the left, then tell us your (or your kids) best memories from Little League.