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Cubs roster move: Mike Montgomery to disabled list, Randy Rosario recalled

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And that means a different starter for Saturday’s game.

Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Cubs had given Mike Montgomery most of the last 10 days off, save for a one-inning relief appearance during the Nationals series.

And now... he’s going to get some more time off:

Montgomery’s one-inning outing against the Nationals was last Saturday, August 11, so this DL stint was backdated three days (the maximum you can do that now) to the 14th.

I know that none of us are really too excited to see Tyler Chatwood start another game. In that same game Montgomery last threw, Chatwood also threw three innings and allowed three hits and two walks, with no runs. That’s an improvement over previous recent outings, so maybe, just maybe, he can turn in a good start Saturday.

Rosario will take over his previous spot in the bullpen, where he had been reasonably effective, except, like Chatwood, walked a few too many (5.2 per nine innings).

Hopefully, this is just a 10-day (or less) break for Montgomery and he can return and be effective, whether as a starter or in relief.

A full game preview will post at 4 p.m. CT.