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MLB announces 2018 postseason schedule

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Here are the dates for games we hope the Cubs are involved in!

Peter G. Aiken

We have just begun August, but Major League Baseball is already deep in planning for the Ocrober postseason tournament.

Tiebreaker games, if any, would be played on Monday, October 1 and televised by ESPN.

Then the wild card games will take place Tuesday, October 2 (N..L.) and Wednesday, October 3 (A.L.).

The division series rounds will start Thursday, October 4 and run through the following Thursday, October 11. You'll note on the schedules below that both of the NLDS will be on the same calendar dates.

The NLCS will begin Friday, October 12 and the ALCS Saturday, October 13.

The World Series begins Tuesday, October 23 in the park of the team with the best record, and if it goes the full seven games, Game 7 will be on Halloween, assuming there are no weather issues. No November baseball this year!

Best news for us as Cubs fans is that all the N.L. games will be on FS1, Fox or MLB Network, so no Ernie Johnson calling Cubs playoff games.

Now, to complete the work of getting to postseason play!

Here's the complete 2018 postseason schedule, with TV channels. Game times will obviously be announced later.