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Cubs announce 2019 spring training schedule

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It’s not even autumn yet, but you can think spring!

Al Yellon

Last week, Major League Baseball, the Cubs and other teams had their earliest-ever release of the following year’s schedule.

In past years, Spring Training schedules hadn’t come out, for the most part, until after the World Series, though there were some that trickled out from various individual teams, mostly those that had been long eliminated from pennant races and wanted to generate some hope for the following season.

Now, MLB has taken over the Spring Training schedule release as well, and today we have the entire Cubs spring schedule, which will again begin in late February and end before many people even have their spring breaks from various schools and colleges. Those weeks were always popular times to travel to spring-training destinations.

A highlight is two games vs. the Red Sox at Sloan Park at the end of spring training, similar to the Cubs visit to Ft. Myers, Florida this past March.

Here, then, is the Cubs’ spring schedule for 2019. Home games in boldface. No game times are available yet, but all games are at 2:05 CT through March 9, 3:05 CT from March 10 through the end of the schedule (unless otherwise indicated). I'll add game times when they are available (all times Central). (ss) indicates a split-squad date. When broadcast information is available, I’ll post it separately.

Individual tickets for 2019 Chicago Cubs Spring Training games at Sloan Park will go on sale at 11 a.m. CT Saturday, January 12, 2019. More information to come on that as the date gets closer.

Sat 2/23: vs Brewers at Sloan Park
Sun 2/24: vs Giants at Scottsdale
Mon 2/25: (ss) vs Padres at Sloan Park
Mon 2/25: (ss) @ Dodgers at Glendale
Tue 2/26: vs Diamondbacks at Sloan Park
Wed 2/27: vs Rangers at Surprise
Thu 2/28: vs Athletics at Sloan Park
Fri 3/1: vs Diamondbacks at Talking Stick (2:10 CT)
Sat 3/2: vs Brewers at Sloan Park
Sun 3/3: vs White Sox at Sloan Park
Mon 3/4: vs Reds at Goodyear
Tue 3/5: vs Angels at Tempe (2:10 CT)
Wed 3/6: vs Royals at Sloan Park
Thu 3/7: vs Rockies at Sloan Park
Fri 3/8: vs Mariners at Peoria (7:40 CT)
Sat 3/9: (ss) vs Angels at Sloan Park
Sat 3/9: (ss) vs Giants at Scottsdale
Sun 3/10: vs Brewers at Maryvale
Mon 3/11: OFF DAY
Tue 3/12: vs Reds at Sloan Park (9:05 CT)
Wed 3/13: vs Athletics at Mesa
Thu 3/14: vs Rangers at Sloan Park
Fri 3/15: vs White Sox at Glendale
Sat 3/16: vs Diamondbacks at Talking Stick (3:10 CT)
Sun 3/17: vs Rockies at Sloan Park
Mon 3/18: OFF DAY
Tue 3/19: (ss) vs Mariners at Sloan Park
Tue 3/19: (ss) vs Royals at Surprise (8:05 CT)
Wed 3/20: vs Dodgers at Sloan Park (9:05 CT)
Thu 3/21: vs Giants at Sloan Park
Fri 3/22: (ss) vs Rangers at Sloan Park
Fri 3/22: (ss) vs Indians at Goodyear (8:05 CT)
Sat 3/23: vs Rockies at Talking Stick (8:40 CT)
Sun 3/24: vs Padres at Peoria (2:10 CT)
Mon 3/25: vs Red Sox at Sloan Park (8:05 CT)
Tue 3/26: vs Red Sox at Sloan Park (2:05 CT)