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Anthony Rizzo wore his uniform all the way to Washington

It’s the only thing he brought on the trip.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps it was a form of silent protest over the Cubs jam-packed 30-day schedule. Perhaps it was a new means of packing light. Whatever the reason, when Anthony Rizzo boarded the Cubs plane last night, he was donning his Cubs away uniform, complete with eye-black.

Upon arriving at Nationals Park in Washington on Thursday, Rizzo was still sporting the same outfit as his teammates showed up in casual street clothes, toting their bags.

So many questions, primarily: did he sleep like that? Well, he must have, because according to Rizzo he didn’t bring any additional clothing on the trip. At all. “That’s all I got,” he told reporters. Kris Bryant said that Rizzo did not bring any other pants, just his uniform.

Manager Joe Maddon bemoaned the decision:

Considering Rizzo will likely need to sport the uniform on his flight home, the Cubs will still have a chance to join in.