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FanPost Friday: Which player has surprised you most this season?

Did someone come out of the blue and dazzle you?

Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

It’s hard to imagine any player more surprised by David Bote’s season than David Bote himself. A man ready to give up on baseball entirely is suddenly playing out the season of his dreams in a manner so unbelievably cinematic it’s surprising it isn’t already a movie.

And then of course there are bad surprises. Surprises like whole seasons lost to rehab and uncertainty, like those of Yu Darvish or Drew Smyly.

Naturally, there are also surprises we shouldn’t be surprised by at all, like an MVP calibre season by Javier Baez, or Kris Bryant becoming the youngest Cub to reach 100 home runs in his career.

We can look at surprises in a number of ways. From the “I never saw that coming” to the “I should have seen that coming but it’s still mind-blowing” and the Cubs have a little of everything on display this season.

So this week our question to you is, “Which Cubs player has surprised you most (for good or bad) this season?”

Head on over to the FanPosts section, select “New FanPost” on the left, and tell us which player knocked your socks off and why.