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Addison Russell could be headed for a suspension

There’s new information on MLB’s investigation of the Cubs shortstop.

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In an article in The Athletic Tuesday night (subscription required), Ken Rosenthal reported that Major League Baseball has received evidence regarding the domestic violence allegations against Cubs shortstop Addison Russell beyond what was in the blog post made last week by Russell’s former wife Melisa Reidy:

The post alone would not have been enough for baseball to force Russell off the field under its joint domestic violence policy with the players’ union. The league had additional credible information, according to sources familiar with its investigation.

The league’s investigation includes interviews with Reidy and numerous other witnesses, and with officials gathering additional information since Russell went on leave, sources said.

Russell was placed on administrative leave by MLB last week, which is a seven-day period in which allegations can be investigated. The MLB/MLBPA collective-bargaining agreement allows for such leaves to be extended once for an additional seven days, but as Rosenthal notes regarding a similar leave given to Roberto Osuna while he was with the Blue Jays and under similar investigation:

The commissioner’s office, with the consent of the union, agreed to six seven-day extensions of Osuna’s leave before the league suspended him. Similar extensions for Russell are possible if baseball’s investigation of him is not complete by the time his initial leave expires.

The current leave expires on Thursday. Rosenthal also notes:

The chances of Russell rejoining the Cubs for the postseason appear slim; every previous case of a player going on administrative leave resulted in a player agreeing to a suspension without appeal.

We await further updates and will post information when it’s available.