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FanPost Friday: What is your greatest hope for the 2019 Cubs?

Yes, the postseason is still ahead, but let’s look even further.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The Cubs are luckier than a lot of other teams out there, in that the coming weekend does not mean the end of the season for them and their fans. It is, however the end of regular season play, and a great time to assess where the Cubs are, and where they can go in the future. Yes, the postseason will be filled with edge-of-seat excitement, but it’s a contest of the best of the best, played on a very small scale. Compared the the slog of the regular season, it’s a wholly different game.

So as we enter the final weekend of the season, it’s time to look ahead, to take stock of who might be leaving, and who might finally be healthy, and all that lays ahead for the Cubs in 2019. They might get there with another ring on their finger, which would be all the sweeter.

In this, the last regular FanPost Friday of the year, we want to know what your hopes are for the 2019 season. Is it a particular lineup you want to see, or perhaps a healthy pitcher on the mound. Are their lessons you hope the team will have learned this year, playing in one of baseball’s most competitive divisions, that will shape them into the postseason and beyond?

Head over to the FanPost section, select “New FanPost” on the left, and tell us what you hope to see from the Cubs next season.