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FanPost Friday: What do you want to see from the Cubs in September?

Sure, the postseason, but what else?

Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Okay, first things first, at this point it seems like a pretty good bet that the Cubs are heading to the postseason. October baseball is some of the best, most exciting times of year, where baseball is so good it defies reason, and you’re glued to your TV set day after day, cancelling all life plans.

But before the Cubs get to October, they need to get through September. In September the race is on, and right now the National League is neck-in-neck and right now three teams in the NL Central have a shot at the postseason. Player call-ups are happening, the last regular season games are all winding down.

So this week, our question for you is, before we hit the postseason: what do you want to see from the Cubs in September?

Last-minute heroics from a called up minor league player? A guy in his last year with the team playing the hero?

Head over to the FanPost section and select “New FanPost” and tell us what your hopes and dreams for the last weeks of the regular season are.