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2019 MLB draft

Chicago Cubs announce the signing of 30 draft picks

The Cubs announced that they have signed 30 of their 40 picks from the recently-completed draft

2019 Cubs Draft: Who’s most likely to be a leverage reliever

The Cubs’ eighth-round pick this year could be a steal.

MLB Draft: Cubs agree to terms with 1st round pick Ryan Jensen

Jensen and the Cubs came to a quick agreement, signing for slightly under slot.

2019 MLB Draft: Chicago Cubs draft recap

The draft is over and there are 40 new Cubs. Here’s a look at all of them.

MLB Draft: Day 3 Open Thread

We finish up the 2019 Draft with rounds 11 through 40. Talk about it here.

On day 2 of the 2019 MLB draft, the Cubs went heavy on relief pitchers

This is a different strategy than they’ve taken before.

MLB Draft: Day 2. Welcome all the new Cubs here

MLB will conduct rounds 3 through 10 of the draft today.

A few thoughts on Ryan Jensen and Chase Strumpf, the Cubs’ first two draft picks

And some ideas for who the Cubs might pick on Day 2.

Welcome to the Cubs Family, RHP Ryan Jensen of Fresno State

The Cubs made a surprise choice with a fast-rising Diamond Dog.

MLB Draft: Day 1 Open Thread. Who will be the newest Cub?

Come welcome the newest members of the Cubs family!

MLB Draft Preview: The draft starts tonight

The MLB draft doesn’t get the attention of those of the NFL or NBA, but it’s just as important to the future of the sport.

2019 MLB Draft Prep: A few later round options

Here’s what the Cubs might look for beyond Round 1.

2019 MLB Draft prep: A look at Kody Hoese

Here’s someone who might be a good fit for the Cubs’ No. 1 pick.

2019 MLB Draft prep: Details of this year’s draft announced

The annual selection of first-year players will start on June 3.

2019 MLB Draft Prep: Keoni Cavaco/Braden Shewmake

One high schooler and one college infielder are the focus of this look at possible Cubs draft picks.

2019 MLB Draft Prep: The draft and ‘reaching’

How do you define a "reach" in the draft? The answer is likely different for different teams.

2019 MLB Draft Prep: Should the Cubs take a chance on Gianluca Dalatri?

The North Carolina righthander could be a mid-round sleeper.

2019 MLB Draft Prep: Prioritizing this year’s class

What types of players should the Cubs look to draft in June?

2019 MLB Draft Prep: Dogging it

That’s the Mississippi State Bulldogs we’re talking about.

2019 MLB Draft Prep: Seeking relief

Bullpens are always fungible. Here are some ideas the Cubs might consider, along with some other draft news.

2019 MLB draft prep: Avoiding redrafts, and more on Cubs draft prospects

And some other thoughts about who might be a good pick for the Cubs with the 27th overall choice.

2019 MLB Draft Prep: Nico Hoerner and the draft

And some updates on college baseball as the draft gets closer.

2019 MLB Draft Prep: The college catching glut

The Cubs could use some depth at catcher in the system, and there will be some good ones likely available.

2019 MLB Draft Prep: 2022 and beyond

How would development continue if there’s a baseball labor dispute? And, more thoughts on this year’s draft possibilities.

2019 MLB Draft Prep: Asserting the premise

And some further thoughts about draft possibilities.

2019 MLB Draft Prep: Jaxx is better

A few words about a catcher from Kansas, and other draft nuggets.

2019 MLB Draft Prep: Should the Cubs draft a DH?

And other thoughts on the June draft.

2019 MLB Draft Prep: College baseball opening day

The college season got into full swing Friday and some pro prospects were on display.

2019 MLB Draft Prep: Division 1 college baseball resumes on Friday

And scouting for the June draft will begin to ramp up.

2019 MLB draft prep: My first no-hitter of the year

And other thoughts about the June draft.

2019 MLB Draft Prep: Leadoff envy

Can the Cubs find that elusive "leadoff type" in this year’s draft?

2019 MLB Draft Prep: NAIA weekend

Plus, some video of high school prospects.


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