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Happy New Year 2019!

And here’s to a return to the World Series for the Cubs this year.

Photo: Al Yellon. Photo illustration: Mike Bojanowski

If you take a look at the post I made for New Year’s Day a year ago, you’ll see the sentence below the headline is the same today as it was then.

And, after two years of falling short of that goal, of course that’s what we all want for our 2019 New Year’s Cubs wish. No, the Cubs have not made any major acquisitions this offseason. That doesn’t mean they still don’t have a strong contending team — because they do.

Now that we’re officially in the New Year, we can begin countdowns. This year’s Cubs Convention is just 17 days away, beginning on Friday, January 18. The first spring training game, Saturday, February 23 vs. the Brewers at Sloan Park, is 53 days from now. The Cubs will open the 2019 regular season against the Rangers at Arlington, Texas on March 28, 86 days from now, and the home opener Monday, April 8 against the Pirates is now only 97 days away.

Hang in there! The return of baseball is coming, and sooner than you think.

Here’s a larger version of the photo at the top of this post.

Photo: Al Yellon. Photo illustration: Mike Bojanowski