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MLB Bullets has been reduced to this

We’ve got a rumor of three-way deal. More on Kyler Murray’s decision. The White Sox make an offer to Manny Machado. Yasiel Puig gets his teeth cleaned.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

With so little going on this winter, I think someone needs to start writing “Hot Stove Fan Fiction” like they do for cancelled cult TV shows. “Theo Epstein quivered at the sight of the text that had popped up on his phone. It was from Angels GM BIlly Eppler. Mike Trout was available, but the cost was high. The Cubs would have to part with Tyler Chatwood. The decision weighed terribly on the mind of the still-young baseball prodigy. Just kidding. He’d faxed the paperwork into the commissioner’s office before his ringtone of Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy’ had stopped playing.”

OK, It needs some work.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster.