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Cub Tracks kisses the frog

and other bullets

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Harper’s bizarre
Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Plenty of news today but none of it on my beat, so I suppose we’ll lean on the hot takes and sour grapes. I dunno. This has been a disheartening off-season. Not that I was expecting big signings or anything like that but it’s been a slog and I keep hoping that it gets better and it gets worse.

I’m not a fan of billionaires or gentrification, and watching what I thought was a cool neighborhood get turned into a mall isn’t my cuppa either. I liked it better when I could go to the diner across the street from Nuts on Clark and get a skirt steak and eggs for five bucks and wash it down with a cold beer at the ballyard for $3.50.

Progress! Anyway, so as not to petrify what’s already fossilized, here’s today’s Cubs News and Notes, such as they are. As always * means autoplay on, or annoying ads, or both (directions to remove for Firefox and Chrome).

Food for thought:

Thanks for playing.