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Cub Tracks takes the cake

The honeymoon is over, and other bullets

Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago Cubs
Let them eat
Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Well damn, we were all wanting some news, and now we have news upon news. So much news! Plenty of muck anyway. I’m sharing a Rick Morrissey column for the second time in a row, and that never happens. Well, almost never.

All this and Addison Russell, too, and that’s just the Sun-Times.

Rob Scahill! Tom Ricketts speaks! Jed Hoyer speaks! Daniel Descalso! Fergie Jenkins! Craig Breslow! Bonnie Hunt!

Here’s today’s Cubs News and Notes, such as they are. As always * means autoplay on, or annoying ads, or both (directions to remove for Firefox and Chrome).

ESPN: Theo Epstein on Waddle and Silvy [AUDIO].

I thought HULK Smashed?

Chicago Cubs fans hoping for a Bryce Harper contract with the team found their hopes further dashed on Friday by one of Harper’s best friends.

Kris Bryant, who grew up in Las Vegas with Harper and hangs out with the superstar free agent on a frequent basis, echoed comments made earlier in the week by Cubs manager Joe Maddon.

“He’s not signing here,” Bryant said.

Bryant also said that he believes the Cubs have a “killer team,” but his comments on Harper will likely sadden many Cubs fans. — James Neveau.

“Right now we have to sit and wait,” Albert Almora said. “It’s unfortunate, arguably, the best two guys in the league are taking this long to sign. The game is changing right before our eyes. It’s a conversation we have to have with our player rep. A lot of us are eager to have those conversations.”

Food for thought: