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Cub Tracks eats it

Yadi yadda yadda, hyperboling for dollars, and Yu, and other bullets

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago Cubs Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

The road to the division championship, viewed as a cakewalk. I’m in the best shape of my life, given that round is a shape too. I’m into fitness whole cake into my mouth, and for further exercise, I’ll jump to conclusions...

“Who would want to play in St. Louis? Boring. So boring. I always get asked, ‘Where would you like to play? Where would you not like to play?’ St. Louis is on the list of places I don’t like to play. It is rough.” — Kris Bryant.

“All-stars, elite players and leaders of their teams do not speak bad about any city. There should be respect and you should play and compete with respect… Only stupid players and losers make comments like the ones made by Bryant and Dempster.” — Yadier Molina. #ceroRespectforthisstupidplayers

“Morans!” — Cub fans everywhere.

Molina responds angrily to trolling. News at eleven! I love that he’s so humorless. And that Bryant is so adept at the art. He got in Yadi’s head in seconds. So much laughter, which is good, considering how last week went. So much promise, battered down by waves and waves of fibro fog. Yay neuralgia. Don’t get older, you yutes...ah, but it’s Saturday night as I write this stuff, it’s bound to be 420 somewhere, and it’s almost Berwyn time, which means it’s time to lay down the Cub Tracks from orbit, as per usual.

You can’t Beat It, so ya just gotta...

Here’s today’s Cubs News and Notes, such as they are. As always * means autoplay on, or annoying ads, or both (directions to remove for Firefox and Chrome).

Food for thought: