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Wrigley Field construction update: January 19

Some views of the project during Saturday’s snowfall.

BCB’s David Sameshima visited Wrigley Field on a snowy Saturday and filed this report:

I visited the ballpark on Saturday, just before 1:00 p.m. It had stopped snowing, but the conditions were very windy. Not many workers were visible outside the ballpark, but you could hear work was taking place inside.

The only significant item to report is that I spotted awnings being installed along Addison Street, near where the Draft Kings structure was located, along Addison Street.

To this I will add the following. This was noted during Saturday’s blogger session with President of Baseball Operations Crane Kenney and VP of Wrigley Field Restoration and Expansion Carl Rice:

... there will expanded Terrace Reserve seating and patio space in both left and right field. [Carl] Rice estimated they’d added about 220 seats across both areas. Although it looks like the areas connect the decks you will still need to head downstairs to leave the general admission area of the bleachers. There will be a concourse connector beneath the marquee on the upper deck in the grandstand.

You can clearly see the separation between these two areas in photos 29, 31 and 33. Note where the curve of the steel creating the new seating area in the grandstand ends and where the extension of the bleacher concourse (shrouded) begins.

The home opener, Cubs vs. Pirates on April 8, is 78 days from today — that’s 11 weeks from tomorrow. The Cubs noted at the convention that some parts of the project, notably in right field, will likely not be ready for the opener.