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Oops! Cubs shut out of Baseball America Top 100 Prospects after all

The Cubs had one player on the BA Top 100. Then they didn’t.

From now on, BA will have to deal with Clark. That will show them.
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is embarrassing.

Let’s start at the beginning. The good folks at Baseball America approached us last week and asked us if we would do a story on Monday talking about their Top 100 prospect list. In exchange, they’d give us an exclusive two-day advance notice about how many Cubs made the list.

They didn’t need to twist our arms. We would have published a story about the BA Top 100 prospects whether they gave us a heads-up or not. That they were willing to give us an exclusive was just a nice added touch.

Over the weekend, Baseball America compiled their Top 100 list and they told us that the Cubs had one player on the list. We ran the story Monday afternoon. We were happy to have the story and Baseball America told us they were happy with what we wrote.

Then we got an email late on Tuesday. Apparently, some of the BA editorial staff weren’t happy with the final list that they had compiled over the weekend and argued that some other players deserved to be in the Top 100. So sometime on Tuesday, they agreed to some changes and the one Cubs player who had made the Top 100 list got left off.

So the list has been released today and for the second year in a row, there are no Cubs on it. We are sorry we told you otherwise, but it wasn’t our fault. The information was true when we published it.

In the larger scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter if someone is ranked 97th or 102nd. If it’s Nico Hoerner who got knocked out of the Top 100 (and we assume it was although they didn’t tell us), he’s going to have plenty of opportunity to make the list next year. If he plays like he did in the Arizona Fall League in 2019, he’s going to be ranked a lot higher than the nineties.

The publicity for Hoerner (or whomever) would have been nice, but in the end it doesn’t make any real difference. The Cubs farm system will have plenty of opportunities to demonstrate that it’s on the road back this season. This snub will just be added fuel that drives them.

(Updated with a link to the BA Top 100 list.)