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Wrigley Field construction update: January 24

The concrete for new seats in left field is beginning to be installed.

BCB’s Sara Sanchez braved the Thursday morning Chicago Arctic cold wave to head over to Wrigley Field (with a stop at Starbucks to warm up!) and took the photos above — and also some video of the workers putting concrete slabs in place in left field:

Here’s her report from the ballpark:

The polar vortex is apparently making an appearance in Chicago this weekend and it is frigid, but that hasn’t slowed down work at Wrigley Field at all. In fact, Thursday morning was one of the busiest I’ve seen yet at the old ballpark.

The most interesting action is in left field where the new seats are dropping on the beams that were put up earlier this month. It’s a fascinating process as you can see from the short video below. Each concrete slab basically airdrops into its spot and then workers spend about 30 minutes perfecting the placement of the concrete and checking to make sure it’s level before dropping the next slab.

As you can see from the photos they are also building scaffolding in left field to support the work around the new seating.

While left field was the most interesting place to watch the 1060 Project today, work hasn’t slowed down anywhere else. The right field area (which has had concrete slabs for a while now) currently has some wooden structures in place. I imagine those are necessary for placing seats in the area, since we found out at Cubs Convention that this will be Terrace Reserved seating.

There is also action on the upper level on both Addison and Clark. The gates around the ballpark are all open to accommodate trucks entering at all four ares of the ballpark.

It’s 74 days until the Cubs home opener and it looks like construction crews have picked up the pace all over the park to make sure Wrigley Field is ready to go on April 8, 2019.

That home opener vs. the Pirates is now less than 11 weeks away. It won’t be great for the workers in these frigid temperatures. but they should be able to get the park in shape to open up on time. We hope to have another update over the weekend.