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Cubs historical sleuthing: Dave Kingman (as a Giant) edition

Here’s a former Cub in a different uniform.

We have been given two clues about the origin of this photo:

All right, so that’s Don Kessinger applying a tag to Dave Kingman. You might think this one’s difficult, but really, it wasn’t.

That’s a Giants uniform Kingman is wearing, so that narrows it to 1971-74, the years Kingman played for them.

Further narrowing: Kessinger is wearing pants in the no-belt style popular in the 1970s. The Cubs didn’t start wearing those until 1972, so that eliminates 1971.

Kingman played 16 games at Wrigley Field from 1972-74. There’s ivy on the wall, so that eliminates three of them, games played on April 24-25-26, 1973. The ivy wouldn’t have looked like that in late April.

I went through the play-by-play of the other 13 games at

There is just one play that matches this photo, which is of Kessinger tagging Kingman out at second base. It happened in the top of the second inning on July 22, 1973. Kingman had walked and was thrown out trying to steal second base. Confirming this further is the boxscore weather, which says it was overcast that afternoon. The second-base umpire in the photo is Harry Wendelstedt, father of current MLB umpire Hunter Wendelstedt.

You might not think of Kingman as a base-stealer if you remember his three years with the Cubs. He stole nine bases and was caught eight times in those three seasons.

But when he was a young player, Kingman had a decent base-stealing year in 1972, stealing 16 bases in 22 attempts. He wasn’t as good in ‘73, stealing eight in 13 attempts.

So this one was pretty easy. The Cubs lost the game 4-1 in 13 innings, part of a stretch that would see them lose 13 of 14 and fall from five games in front in the N.L. East to out of first place entirely.