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Wrigley Field construction update: January 26, part 1

Lots of action in the left-field corner area on a cold Saturday.

BCB’s Sara Sanchez took time on a 15-degree Saturday afternoon in Chicago to visit Wrigley Field to check out more of the construction — particularly in the left-field corner — and filed this report:

Even though it’s only been a couple of days there has been a lot of work done in left field so I wanted to send in a 1060 Project update. As I was walking to get my coffee this morning I noticed that the seats were all placed in left and the side slats on the wall were being placed. I decided to grab my coffee and settle in to see if I could get another video of the concrete work.

Sure enough, after about 15 minutes workers began to place the final concrete side on in left. Apparently they’ve noticed I tend to show up with coffee because I found out today they call me “Starbucks Girl.” I’m not going to lie, they aren’t wrong. My students used to tease me about my constant supply of coffee too.

But I digress. The Terrace Reserve seating all appears to be in place in left field. They’ll still need to add seats to the area, but this should be a nice addition in terms of places to watch a game at Wrigley. That area of the field will have a view similar to the left field bleachers and should get a decent amount of sun during day games, at least early in the game.

Also of note, it appears that the scaffolding structure in the left field bleachers is being used to build something permanent. Workers are busy inside and I saw concrete being shuttled up to it. I’d imagine this is either increased concession capacity or perhaps an elevator in left.

There is some new iron work visible from “Wonderland” in Gallagher Way and while the progress near the old Draft Kings Sports Bar and the right field corner is slower, there are a lot of workers there behind the plastic as well.

The amount of work that is being accomplished at the old ball park this week is pretty impressive considering wind chills have been in the single digits or negatives all week. I imagine they are trying to get as much done as possible before temperatures really plummet on Wednesday.

Here’s a video Sara shot of some of the work being done:

I tend to concur with Sara’s thought that the scaffolding — now enclosed in tarps — near the left-field corner could be an elevator. The original plans for that area had included an elevator, and it would be a useful addition to that part of the ballpark.

Next week, as you likely know, there could be a couple of days in Chicago where the temperature might not get above zero and wind chills could approach the -40 mark. If it does get that cold, work at Wrigley is likely going to be stopped for a day or two. And Sara told me:

You’re not getting ANYTHING from me in -20 temps. I don’t care WHAT they are doing over there!

Which, of course, I completely agree with. Stay safe and warm, Chicagoans. We’ll have more photos when the weather improves.